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Crystal is a one stop shop for a multitude of Water Deliverance Solutions for the Indian market. We specialize in making Brass faucets for bathrooms and kitchens, our trusted brand ARK being a generic name for Chrome Plated taps in many parts of India, for over forty years. With customer tastes and needs evolving over these four decades, Crystal now also provides equipments & solutions for Water Hygiene & Water Saving, Bathing & Hand washing stations, Bath area Partitioning, Water Pressure enhancers and reducers, as well as Assorted showering Fixtures and Large sized Shower Heads with Multiple features to enhance the bathing experience.

Recognizing the fact that Water Deliverance and its usage will continue to witness new and advanced technology ushering in, Crystal believes in long term relationships with its customers and retailers. We have local service centres in many major towns of India to provide assistance and guidance for the installation, maintenance and persevering performance of our products over their warranty periods and life times.

For us at Crystal, customer satisfaction is a goal that keeps us on our toes and moving. We are committed as a water deliverance solutions company to solve through improvement, guidance, education and counselling all problems of a customer and provide solutions to all needs of his related to water deliverance and its management, at minimum of his effort and cost.
Crystal employs a team of dedicated and highly trained Service Technicians, most of them based locally at areas of high degree of product penetration with excellent accessibility to spares and tools to enable the provision of effective and efficient troubleshooting, guidance and solution as early as possible to the millions of users of our products.
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